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A1 GIM group companies offer the goods and services produced by the manufacturers in Turkey to the global markets through the digital marketing platform it has established, thus enabling the manufacturers to reach new customers easily and aiming to contribute to their growth. It is a central distribution channel that performs marketing activities.

In this context, it has taken its place in the Fortune500 Turkey list in 2017, and it has the sector's first place in the exports of the sectors (Electrical Electronics, Industrial Kitchen Equipment) and Ornamental Plants, in which it is in the top 1000 in the research of the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

After TURKMENABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, which is the second largest airport in Turkmenistan, of which Gündoğdu İnşaat is the main contractor.  KERKİ DOMESTIC AIRPORT project has been procuring all products from a single office thanks to the digital platform it has established, and it continues the procurement process of JEBEL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, which is currently the third airport project.

With ANDRONOVA METALLURGY, one of our group companies, we are structuring by closely following the developments in the field of metallurgy in the globalizing world, and we regularly conduct R&D in order to obtain more qualified products. Thus, we are the first heavy industry production facility of TURKEY, established as a private sector, on the way to become a manufacturer that produces stable and high standards for the production of low carbon FERROCHROME, which is needed by the iron and steel industry in Turkey and the world.


We create a culture of living together with all our organizations and customers, under the umbrella of universal values, with respect to local culture and values, with an understanding of fair sharing, loyalty and lasting unity.  

Eurasia International Trading Limited company, one of our establishments, works as a structure that produces services to meet the needs of international transit trade around the world and constructs it correctly, and produces various solutions with the least risk.  

We serve as a company that was established in the RAK free zone in Dubai, has accounts in different countries for banking transactions, and thus constructs many international transit trades and manages these fictional operations.

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